Lutheran deaconesses are professional church workers, trained to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through works of mercy, spiritual care, and teaching the faith. 

Concordia Deaconess Conference (CDC) is a free association of certified or rostered Lutheran deaconesses and a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod. All CDC Members and Affiliates subscribe to, and live by, the Word of God and the confessions in the Book of Concord. 


What motivates you as you serve in your diaconal field?
"Wanting to live a life of active faith and service, sharing God's love and mercy with people who need to hear the comfort of the Gospel" - Deaconess Kim Sherwin

CDC is a Recognized Service Organization of The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod.

Official Objectives of the CDC


Give all glory to God


Extend the Kingdom of God


Aid the LCMS in upholding and promoting deaconess ministry


Provide spiritual, personal, and professional growth and fellowship for LCMS deaconesses

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